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skin problems?

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skin problems?

Gene Heskett
Greetings all;

I am getting much better results from my ender-3 since I gave up on the
digilab 3d45, but I still have a couple of nagging problems.

Doing another round of this BIG bearing, the presence of cobwebs on the
build plate seems to be getting worse. I do mean cobwebs, this stuff is
so fine it doesn't register on a digital caliper.

I also noted, when cleaning up the first one thats about .4mm too big for
a good fit, that the inner and outer wall skin is not really attached
with a decent weld. PETG freezes so fast that it doesn't really care if
the side fan blowing on the nozzle tip is running and its running so
slow that I have to give it a push to get it started.  Based on the poor
weld, I raised the nozzle temp 10C to 255, and the bed 5C to 75 and
we'll see how well it works for the rest of the build. It might be my
imagination, but it seems to have reduced the rate of cobweb formation

Just 4 G&G I tried to cut a slight notch in one side of the races, about
1/2 as deep as the ball channel so I'd have a place to put bearings in
as it got stuffed, and filled it with BB's till there wasn't room for
another. Runs a bit lumpy but otherwise well, and at less torque to move
it than I expected, so I believe thats going to work better than I
expected. Good enough for long enough I don't think I'll worry about the
other end of the output shaft. This will easily hold a 6" backing plate
and a 6" chuck on the plate. Zero backlash. So I'm encouraged to keep
going. Possibly makeing a double row bearing for the load end of the
output shaft.  Just to see if I can do it. Keeps me out of the bars
dontcha know.

Take care and stay well everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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