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Status of 2D subsystem

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Status of 2D subsystem

Clifford Wolf

I'd like to give you a short status report of the ongoing work on the 2D
subsytem. For those of you who are not running up to date svn trunk builds
I've made some screenshots:

What do we have now:

        * 2D primitives (only square and circle atm)
        * 2D CSG operations and 2D transformations
        * OpenCSG based preview functionality
        * Support for % and # modifiers in a usefull way
        * DXF import and export (export also possible via command line)

What is still missing:

        * A generic polygon() 2D primitive
        * 2D->3D via extrusion (linear or rotate)
        * 3D->2D via projection to or intersection with plane
        * Testing and bug fixing

I hope we will be able to make a release with full 2D support soon.

 - clifford

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