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SVG failure

The raised shape in the following image is based on an SVG file:

When the model is rendered (on several computers) I see this:

Everything but the raised image is rendered.  Sometimes OpenSCAD will just close.

It appears that the failure is associated with the technique I use to simulate a chamfer around the top edge of the shape:

I add a couple of "offset" layers to the top of the shape with this code:
module graphic(){
        if (path_and_filename != ""){
                scale_factor = (graphic_scale_factor == 1) ? 0.122 : 0.036;
                        offset(delta = 2)
                        import(file = path_and_filename,center=true);
                        offset(delta = 1)
                        import(file = path_and_filename,center=true);
                        offset(delta = .005)
                        import(file = path_and_filename,center=true);

When 3D printed, this method is indistinguishable from a modeled chamfer.

If I comment the last two chunks in the union(), the model renders quickly and completely.  Note that I see the following in the console window (on this machine - I can't remember if I saw something similar on the other PCs):

Any thoughts on why this is occurring?  Any alternatives for chamfering the top edge of a raised SVG image?

It seems to be a function of the size and complexity of the SVG file.  I use PowerPoint to modify the original SVG file so that it will 3D print well.  I didn't have any problem until a couple of weeks ago when PowerPoint started producing SVG images that were huge and I needed to scale them smaller in the code.
 I use Office 360 so there may have been an update to PowerPoint's SVG production at that time.  I've tried post processing the image with Inkscape but the render still fails.