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Render preview style with Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO)

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Render preview style with Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO)

Prompted by a discussion in the forum about shadows (shading) and shape
perception i low light regions.
The issue was that it is some times hard to distinguish the shape of
geometry in the less exposed regions.
Can some form of ambient occlusion or other shading style enhance geometry
perception and presentation with low or reasonable performance penalty.

True ambient occlusion is excellent to convey shape information and object
relations but to expensive to render in real time.
Fake screen space ambient occlusion is fast but lack some of that
excellence, still is plausibly useful.
I don't have any experience of SSAO in cad environments but the technique is
prevalent in real time games these days.
In its simplest form, implementation is as i understand it a medium trivial
image postprocess of the already present depth buffer.
Given that a depth-map is accessible.

My question to the community is what is there any obvious reason to belive
this is a hard/impossible feature not worth investigation as an option?

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