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Project Help Needed - Harbor Freight storage boxes

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Project Help Needed - Harbor Freight storage boxes

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I have been looking at some of the objects on thingiverse for the Harbor
Freight storage bins.

Someone has made an SCAD file for customization and it works, however I
would like to change the design and change a few of the variables.
I have an idea of what I want and the rules/parameters that need to be
there but know nothing about openscad.

Would there be someone willing to take this project on? I'm willing to pay
if someone wants to quote this out.

Basically I want to combine: for
the customizer (and add a few things)
with this: for the actual bin
with a label option like this: but
with some different variables



   -     # of short side "units" [ct]
   -     # of long side "units" [ct]
   -     wall thickness [#mm]
   -     # of subdivision "buckets" across short side [ct]
   -     # of subdivision "buckets" across long side [ct]
   -     height split [1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4]
   -     top of stack [yes/no]
   -     tolerance [#mm]
   -     label [yes/no]
   -     label position [short unit side/long unit side]
   -     label text [abcd123!@&]
   -     label text size [?]
   -     label angle [#degrees]
   -     rim [#mm]


   -     label can only go on top of stack
   -     "bucket" walls must be flush with top if "top of stack = true" or
   no selection for stack
   -     "bucket" walls must only go to "C - G" if "top of stack = false"
   -     all chamfers are 45 degrees
   -     The split would be the C height split so that the boxes could nest
   on top of each other. Great point about the F=12 not working in that
   scenario. I had not thought of an appropriate rule for that. Does opens cad
   have if/else type functions to limit you, so that if someone did choose the
   1/4 or 1/3 option then the F value could not be greater than 2 or 3?

*Formula points:*

   -     A = 54.5 (Default Unit)
   -     B = 39.5 (Default Unit)
   -     C = 46.5 (Default Unit)
   -     D = 1.5 (variable) [Wall Thickness]
   -     E = A - ((D*2) + (M*2))
   -     F = 12 (variable) [rim]
   -     G = F + L
   -     H = 31.5 (default)
   -     I = E - (D*2)
   -     J = N - (D*2)
   -     K = D + M
   -     L = D + M
   -     M = 0.5mm (variable) [tolerance]
   -     N = B - ((D*2) + (M*2))
   -     O = ~5.5mm
   -     P = ~4mm

Appreciate you guys taking a look at this.

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