Nabble removed Mailing-list integration from the Forum.
This killed the Forum. This is now an ARCHIVE.
It is likely Nabble will shutdown in the future.

So basically the Forum is now out of date, we are looking into migrating the history.

OpenSCAD support is now provided by the Mailing List.
See the first pinned post here for instructions on subscribing to the mailing list.

Problems importing SCAD files to FreeCAD?

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Problems importing SCAD files to FreeCAD?

Chris Hennes (chennes) Is in the process of improving the FreeCAD OpenSCAD workbench and importer.
He is also building a suite of test cases, with the aim of improving testing on new FreeCAD releases.

If you have tried to import files to FreeCAD and had problems please post a copy of the file in this FreeCAD forum thread Thread for problem SCAD & CSG files.