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This killed the Forum. This is now an ARCHIVE.
It is likely Nabble will shutdown in the future.

So basically the Forum is now out of date, we are looking into migrating the history.

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Is the BOSL 1.03 library obsolete?

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Re: Is the BOSL 1.03 library obsolete? Forum v's Mailing-list.

Gene Heskett
On Saturday 22 May 2021 20:38:03 MichaelAtOz wrote:

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> > From: Gene Heskett [mailto:[hidden email]]
> > Sent: Sun, 23 May 2021 09:08
> > To: [hidden email]
> > Subject: [OpenSCAD] Re: Is the BOSL 1.03 library obsolete?
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> > On Saturday 22 May 2021 18:04:11 MichaelAtOz wrote:
> ...
> > > If you can do business that way, but as the Forum & List Admin,
> > > that doesn't work for me.
> >
> > I can't argue with that at all. But it does confuse me when I see a
> > reply that looks interesting but I did not get the first, original
> > post, and the reply doesn't quote enough context that describes what
> > the OP wants to do So I'm sitting here in the dark.  I can only
> > guess that the O-Post was to the forum, which I'm not a logged in
> > member of. So my thoughts are, that if they are going to be linked
> > for replies, why not the Original Post too?
> >
> > There are those of us more comfy with a mailing list, and seeing the
> > OP would be a definite plus for list only members. I of coarse,
> > haven't a clue how hard that might be to accomplish. My oar to steer
> > this ship is a toothpick of coarse. MichaelAtOz will do as the list
> > rules say. I am pleased it exists, and has been most helpfull to
> > this old new bee.
> The Forum & Mailing-list are closely coupled.
> A proto-post on the Forum, first gets sent to the Mailing-list.
> The Forum is subscribed to the Mailing-list.
> Hence the proto-post gets sent to all members of the List, including
> the Forum.
> [so first point of note, all% posts created on the Forum get sent to
> everyone on the List]
> (% from addresses subscribed to the List. Otherwise -> black hole)
> When the Forum receives the proto-post back from the Mailing-list, it
> does some matching to discover the appropriate* Forum User who created
> it, and then actually saves it in the Forum against that account and
> the relevant thread#.
> (* this is where that 'technical issue with email authentication
> mechanisms' kicks in) (# black box, but headers like In-Reply-To: etc.
> would play a roll)
> So that is the Forum->List loop. Now for Emails->Forum.
> Emails to the Mailing-list (I'm talking from an Email-client here),
> get sent to all subscribed users, unless they have requested to have
> delivery disabled. As mentioned above, the Forum is also a subscriber.
> When the Forum receives an email, like above, it does matching to
> discover the appropriate* Forum User, in this case the email-address
> is used^, it then does other matching# to find an appropriate thread.
> If it can't find a good thread, it is posted as a new thread.
> (^ for users in the 'technical issue' category, that ends up being the
> List email address)
> [second point, all emails to the Mailing-list go to all subscribers,
> unless 'disabled']
> The Forum & Mailing-list are closely coupled.
> Gene, if you are not seeing an OP or 2nd posts, regardless of Forum v
> List, your email system is flawed. All well and good getting less
> spam, but false positives are a PITA.

Agreed, And I do see everything spamassassin hits on. Its saved in a spam
directory, used to train bayes daily, and moved to a spam-hold in case I
want to untrain bayes, then move it to the list it belongs to. Virii
otoh, get stuffed in a /var/spool/virii until I see its getting large,
at which point the file is killed and retouched.  So if I didn't get it,
fetchmail never pulled it or clamav nailed it.

However, I haven't logged into the server with a browser to see if my isp
has put some spam in its spam folder in the last 2 or 3 months. serves from dovecot.  I should do that. Tomorrow when I have
both eyes open at the same time.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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