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Hinge tutorial - I made a resource that would be useful to past me

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Hinge tutorial - I made a resource that would be useful to past me

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I know there are a great deal of good tutorials around, but I ended up making my own anyway because I learn best when I'm able to make something practical as quickly as possible. This tutorial covers a pretty wide array of topics including practical considerations like clearances and fillets all in a (hopefully) beginner friendly package.

I've also tried to make it somewhat "interactable" by sprinkling in live demo links with most of the code snippets.

Having said that I'm more than open to feedback from the gurus

Link here:

I should mention that "Definitive OpenSCAD Tutorial" is a working title, and that I wanted a resource that would complement the cadhub live editor but wanted it to be stand-alone too.

Also while I'm here, I did a quick search for "mastering OpenSCAD" and didn't see anything in the forum. Another resource that's come out recently I've skimmed it so can't comment on it's quality.

Here's a tweet about it too,

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