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Enhancement to add facility to add comment type statement to CSG export.

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Enhancement to add facility to add comment type statement to CSG export.

I would like to see an enhancement to the OpenSCAD language that added the
facility to add a comment type statement to the CSG file on export. i.e. As
far as OpenSCAD is concerned it is just a comment, but will be added to the
CSG file on export.

Given this facility then I could see it being used in the following fashion.

1)  It could be used to at the start and end of each function available in
2) The FreeCAD OpenSCAD workbench importer could make better conversions
based on these comments it finds in the CSG file..

Why do I want to be able to import to FreeCAD? I hear you say.

 It allows OpenSCAD designs

1) To be converted to STEP files and therefore accessing by things like
2) It would allow for models to the created using CNC and Milling
3) Facilitate various Finite Element analysis via FreeCAD's FEM workbench

These things are possible now but subject to restrictions in the
import/conversion ( i,e, use of hull minikowski etc )
Such a facility and use would allow for better conversion.

Note: For example FreeCAD has the facility to create 3D models for
electronic components in KiCAD. Some people have used OpenSCAD to
design/spec these models, imported the OpenSCAD designs into FreeCAD and
then processed them for use and contribution to KiCAD component 3D models.
KiCAD is software for electronics circuit design and has been adopted by
CERN who fund a couple of developers.

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