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Converting colour OpenSCAD render to gLTF

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Converting colour OpenSCAD render to gLTF

Hi everyone. We have been working on creating our assembly instruction for the OpenFlexure microscope in OpenSCAD. Something that I know others do using NopSCADlib. I was thinking it would be fantastic if we could export the assemblies as full colour gLTF files that are easy to render in a browser.

Turns out using a similar method to the "colorscad" script I found on GitHub, I have made a python program that should create a binary gLTF file (.glb) which can then be embedded into a website and viewed using one of the many Threejs gLTF viewers.

pip install scad2gltf
scad2gltf myfile.scad
The repository for the code is: Here is screenshot of a gLTF generated from a .scad file: