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Configurator Permission for Thesis

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Configurator Permission for Thesis

Hello everybody,

I would like to use the OpenSCAD Configurator within the study design of my master thesis. The topic is the exploration of any expectancy disconfirmation for a self configured additively manufactured consumer product. Does anyone know whether or not I need a permission from the Lead developer Marius Kintel or somebody else to use OpenSCAD for my thesis?
I am not really sure how the copyright works with free software for academic usage...

I am also wondering if any of you have a good idea of how to make use of the configurator with test subjects in a standardised way. Obviously it would be very impractical to make every person download the OpenSCAD software and make them run the model on their PC. The idea of my study design was to basically explain the parameters for a given SCAD model within a tutorial video, show how the changes affect the model and then let the user input every parameter on a form. I also thought about letting them use my software via Teamviewer, but that is also not really standardized and practical. Their created 3D model will then be printed by me with an FDM printer for them to measure the disconfirmation between expectation and evaluation.

If any of you are interested to get to know more about my thesis, just let me know and I will provide you gladly with any information.

Thanks and best regards,