feature request: conical extrude (#273): limiting scale to small number

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feature request: conical extrude (#273): limiting scale to small number

Peter Falke

With a conical extrude there will be a problem if the scale goes to zero. The object would be non-manifold if the extruded shape contained any holes or was made from disjointed polygons.

To avoid this effect, I tried the option of limiting the scale to a small number and that worked great:

// scale
function s0(t)=1-t/(tmax-tmin);
function s(t)=(abs(s0(t))<=s_min)?s_min:s0(t);

Most people will not even notice.
One could use a global variable for the minimum scale: $s_min

Sample code attached.

Inline images 1

And a blow-up of the tip:

Inline images 2



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