current package in debian; next release?

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current package in debian; next release?

hello openscad users,

apart from the 2011.12 release in debian unstable, there are now also
packages in experimental, built from the latest master (67eb2ebe).

the packages are advertised at [1]; packages can be directly downloaded,
but the recommended way is including the experimental repository[2].

backports to debian squeeze are available on my server[3], you'll also
need a backported opencsg[4] -- the *bpo60*deb files are the ones that
matter in this case.

dear developers / release manager / marius,

the 2011.12 version will, if nothing bad happens, be included in the
next debian release (wheezy). what's the schedule for the next openscad

debian is scheduled to freeze in june, give or take (and from
experience, rather give) some days, meaning that only packages that were
uploaded 10 days before the freeze will make it to the release, unless
some special exceptions apply. any chance we'll see a release soon-ish?

(as package maintainer, it is basically up to me to judge what is
suitable for a stable debian release. if you want to make a release, but
have some release checks to go through that don't directly affect
debian (eg if the source is ready, but tests with the built versions for
osx or windows are still missing), i could include a "pre-release"
version too.)



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