are nightly builds slower?

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are nightly builds slower?

I was doing some timing tests and happened to have multiple versions of
OpenSCAD open on my test file.  I normally develop in the stable version
2019.05, but I also had 2020.07.23.ai5587 (git 4dcd5a9) with and without
function literals enabled and 2019.12.21.ai4163 (git 4ef45b0).

I was doing this timing test:

function subindex(v, idx) =
    [ for(val=v)
        let( value=[for(i=idx) val[i]] )
        len(value)==1 ? value[0] : value

M = [[3,4],[2,1]];
foo = [for(i=[0:N]) subindex(M,1)];

And each version took a different reported time, with 2019.05 taking 4s,
2019.12 taking 6s, and 2020.07 taking 7.6s.  I can clearly see that they
finish at different times.  Is this a real change in performance?  Or are
the nightly builds compiled with less optimization or something?  

I'm running AppImage versions under Linux.  

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