Tool like OpenSCAD, but for 2D images?

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Re: Tool like OpenSCAD, but for 2D images?

sounds like you want some kind of interactive javascript wrapper for cairo ?

might be of interest...

On 23/10/17 16:14, Troberg wrote:

> Imagemagick is good for some types of processing, but not for creating images
> from scratch.
> I'm looking for a tool where I can script things like this:
> Start with a blank bitmap. Load another bitmap from disk. Draw a circle on
> it, then invert what's in the circle. Paint the modified bitmap in several
> positions on the screen. Draw a border of evenly spaced circles. Load a logo
> bitmap from disk and put in the corner. Add some text in a new layer, set to
> semitransparent and add to the main picture as a water mark. Convert the
> result to greyscale.
> Basically, a combined bitmap and vector tool, like a bunch of paint programs
> out there, but with the mindset of OpenSCAD, where everything is scripted
> and there is no GUI for drawing. Basically, scripted drawing for engineers.
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