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I've been banging my head against the wall about the lack of
a decent Open Source CAD/CAM solution for quite a while.  Over
a span of 5-6 years I wrote my own CAD/CAM system, but I really
did not like it.  It was called FunCAD, and it felt really slow
and clunky.  (Like OpenSCAD, FunCAD also uses CGAL for CSG.)

When I saw OpenSCAD, it really clarified in my brain that I
was spending 1000's of keystrokes/gestures in my GUI, doing
what could be done less than a 100 keystrokes with a line of
code in a text editor.  So, I dumped my GUI and switched over
to a code based solution and got a huge increase in productivity.

Alas, I am one those people who really struggles to understand
other people's code (particularly C++ code), so my work is
unlikely to be transferable over to OpenSCAD.  I am more than
happy to talk about my solution, but suspect that will be of
little use to the OpenSCAD team.

I just wanted to say "thank you" to the OpenSCAD team for
helping me clarify the issues.  I am now successfully generating
G-code for parts for my CNC mill.

Thank you,