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Thank you Developers

I've been using openscad for quite a while now. And I want to say first off Thank you to all you developers who have made this project. I love to design with it, and it is a joy (most of the time, to use - except when its frustrating - HA!).

I want to say thank you too, for your foresight.
Let me explain:

I have a file I have put together called utils.scad that contain various functions and modules that I use all the time that I do a USE of. One of these functions is in2mm (inches to mm) conversion.

I built a file for a project box that had box dimensions. In the actual scad file I had statements like bh = in2mm(1.25);

I wanted to render this on the command line, and I wondered if I could use my "function". And I am happy to say within a couple of tries I was able to.

So I did the render on the command line with a -Dbh='in2mm(1.25)' and other args of course. And it worked flawlessly.

Way to go y'all!!!!!


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