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HI All,

So I am waiting for a Printrbot.

I wanted something simple to print out as my first print. I really
liked the Printrbot ID with
number. I downloaded the files and played with it, but I wanted to
customise it a little more.

Have looked around at openscad 3d
text tutorials, I wanted something that was really simple to use, so
here it is:-

Go to New Sign enter some text, some dimensions, look at the preview -
download the files. Viola. </p>

How it works: Django application. The text is made in to a SVG
graphics file. Using inkscape, the SVG is converted to a eps files -
and a PNG used for previewing. The eps is then converted to dxf using
pstoedit. The a text files is generated for OpendSCAD which extrudes
the dxf file.  Further details can be gained from the sources files -

The server is host a very, very cheap VPS. So sometime the production
of file may take up to 1 min.

Thanks to OpenSCAD - I love it.
Thanks to MCAD

Also posted at

Brook, is it February yet ?

Brendan M. Sleight