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Re: While we're talking about new system special variables... $systime

On 08.12.18 23:17, Hugo Jackson wrote:
> Thanks for this. Sorry… I should have done a more comprehensive search of existing topics before throwing my hat in the ring.
No need to say sorry. Sometimes it is a good thing to open a new issue
or to ask on the mailing list.

Even if an issue gets quickly closed as duplicate, it still may trigger
a newer development member.

(Heck: Sometimes even issues closed as "not a bug" or "invalid" by one
member might trigger an other developer to go down the rabbit hole and
at least improve the error messages)

As one of the newer developer member of OpenSCAD, the open issues I have
personally skimmed over go just down to Issue 1500. Older issue are
unknown to me to and sometimes it is hard to read old issues.

(I only know OpenSCAD 2015 and the later development snapshots) Some of
the issues are describing behaviour and sometimes, we literally fix
issues by coincident or accident.

With kind regards,

Michael Frey

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