Reporting Bugs (not just general queries)

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Reporting Bugs (not just general queries)

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How do I report bugs?

Bugs in OpenSCAD are best reported in the GitHub issue tracking system.
If you are not sure it's a bug or are not a GitHub user, you can post a topic on the Forum to help clarifying things.

Please try searching through the existing issues to see if the bug was already reported. If you find something similar or if you are unsure, create a new issue, but mention the (possibly) related one.

The bug report, in either location, should give as much information as possible to help with reproducing it, including but not limited to

    The OpenSCAD version,
    The Operating System name and version,
    A description of the scenario that produces the issue,
    In case of graphics issues, the OpenGL driver information,
    If possible, a trimmed down script reproducing the issue,

Most of the technical version information can be found in menu Help -> Library Info.

Also a picture is commonly worth a thousand words.

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