Registration & Subscription Info (The Forum & the Mailing-list - working hand in hand)

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Registration & Subscription Info (The Forum & the Mailing-list - working hand in hand)

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How it works

There is the Forum (this - hosted by and the Mailing-list, two separate things, but they work together.

Forum posts get sent to the Mailing-list, many people only view posts this way.
Mailing-list emails, as well as getting sent to all subscribers, get tuned into posts on the Forum.

Once registered & subscribed you can either post on the forum and/or send emails to the mailing list.

Registering & Subscribing

To post on the Forum you need to be registered*, and you need to be subscribed to the mailing-list.
*there may be a pop-up Nabble ad, this is normal, see the footer to disable ads.

After subscribing  you need to CLICK THE LINK in the confirmation email (check your spam folder).
(if your Forum posts are flagged "NOT accepted", you have not successfully subscribed)

Due to an increase in SPAM, you need to be granted Membership before you can Post to the Forum.

After Registering click HERE, to request access, make it clear that you are not a robot, no generic 'please give me access' etc., an Admin may then complete your Membership.
The Admin will PM you to confirm your membership. Depending on time-zones & sleep-cycles, this should be within ~24 hours, often sooner.


Forum account setting can be changed by clicking on your username in the top right corner.

You can change your Mailing-list settings here.

If you just like browsing the Forum, you can disable Mailing-list delivery ; another option is a daily(ish) email digest of the days messages.
Note: if you wish to continue on the Forum, do not unsubscribe from the Mailing-list, remember the Mailing-list is how your Forum posts get sent to everyone else to read.

Forum Admin
(BTW I didn't design this, I inherited it...)

p.s. There is also the Mailing-list Archive
Admin - PM me if you need anything,
or if I've done something stupid...

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