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Re: Running OpenSCAD on Ubuntu Linux

Thomas Leonard

I just saw the OpenSCAD link from

I had the same problem some others here: the binary is 32-bit but
/usr/lib/ is 64 bit on my system, and you can't mix 32 and
64 bit code in a single process.

I made a feed file (attached) to depend on the libraries explicitly.
If you put this in the openscad-2010.05.linux-x86.tar.gz archive then
Ubuntu users can just do:

$ tar xzf openscad-2010.05.linux-x86.tar.gz
$ cd openscad-2010.05.linux-x86
$ 0launch OpenSCAD.xml

It will then download and use the 32-bit debs (from Debian). Should
also work on other Linux distributions, but I didn't test it.

OpenSCAD.xml (1K) Download Attachment