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The issue here doesn't appear to be the rotation itself, but the position of the cubes. A cube is created with it's lower-left corner at the origin:

When this is rotated, the corner is rotated, and when you have several of them, it looks "twisted."

What you probably want is to center the cube on the X axis only. Currently, this must be done by manually translating the object by half that dimension. In addition, you're having it extend along the Y axis. To line it up with the circle polygon, it'll be easier if you extend it along the X axis.

To create the center polygon, you can use a cylinder with the $fn parameter to control the number of sides. All put together, you get something like this:

And here's the updated code, with comments, for your modification.

NoArm = 7; // The number of arms / sides of the polygon
ArmWide = 3; // The width (short side) of the arms
ArmHigh = 3; // The height (along the Z axis) of the arms
ArmLong = 80; // The radial length of the arms

ArmsOnEdges = true; // Should the arms intersect the edge or vertices of the polygon

CircRadius = 30; // The radius of the polygon

union()  // Union isn't strictly necessary because everything at the top level is implicitly unioned
    for (i=[1:NoArm])
            rotate([0,0,360/NoArm*i]) // Rotate the arm after it's centered
            translate([0,-ArmWide/2,0]) // Center the arm around the X axis
            cube([ArmLong, ArmWide, ArmHigh]); // Make the arm extend along the X axis

    rotate(ArmsOnEdges ? 180/NoArm : 0) // Rotate the polygon to it's side if so desired
        cylinder(h=ArmHigh, r=CircRadius, $fn=NoArm);  // The polygon, as a cylinder with a particular number of sides


~ Yona

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