Re: Dear OpenSCAD organizer, I am Yida, PhD student in TUM who is willing to contribute to OpenSCAD GSoD project

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Re: Dear OpenSCAD organizer, I am Yida, PhD student in TUM who is willing to contribute to OpenSCAD GSoD project

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for your reply, I will be happy to work with OpenSCAD this year for GSoD. I have completed and submitted the application form for GSoD and marked it with OpenSCAD. I also drafted a proposal document in Google Docs: ( Here I attach it as a PDF as well. How do you think about it? By the way, I will also post it in our mailing list.

Best regards,
Yida Wang

Am 20.06.2019 um 21:18 schrieb Torsten Paul <[hidden email]>:


On 19.06.19 10:27, Yida Wang wrote:
I am Yida, PhD student in Technical University of Munich, I
am willing to contribute to OpenSCAD GSoD project. I noticed
that OpenSCAD participate GSoD this year and I have been using
Open3D, OpenCV and other open source tools for 3D tasks for
quite a long time. I have some publications related 3D vision
topics and 2D topics as well. I also participated twice for
Google Summer of Codes with OpenCV so it is totally fine for
organising all those pull requests.

That's great, all the graphics/3D knowledge, experience with
Open Source projects and the quite impressive list of publications
is certainly a good base for one of the GSoD project. Thanks
for your interest in OpenSCAD.

I am working with 3D indoor scene understanding for my thesis
and currently have some ongoing CV projects as well. I find
that my topics are totally matched to OpenSCAD's interest, so
it should be a good chance for me to participate for GSoD this

You are welcome to pick one of the listed projects, or suggest
a different one if you see some other documentation that would
be nice to have for OpenSCAD.

There's not a lot of time till the application deadline, but
we'll be ready to help with information about OpenSCAD as much
as we can. Questions about the documentation can also go though
our Forum/Mailing-List as this reaches a fair number of users
who might have ideas to share too.


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Ph.D. student in Technical University of Munich for 3D computer vision and machine learning