OpenSCAD release: 2011.04

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OpenSCAD release: 2011.04


I've just released OpenSCAD 2011.04. The source package as well as the linux x86 and Mac OS X
binaries can be downloaded from Binaries for Linux x64 are pending.
Windows binaries are not yet available. I'll cover this in a separate email.

Quick summary of changes in this release:

o Added hull() for convex hulls (2D object only)
o minkowski() now supports 2D objects
o Added functions: rands(), sign()
o Now supports escaping of the following characters in strings: \n, \t, \r, \\, \"
o Support nested includes
o Improved parsing of numbers
o DXF: output LWPOLYLINE instead of just LINE entities
o Bugfixes: More robust DXF export, setting $fs/$fa to 0 caused a crash
o Some bugs fixed, maybe some new bugs added