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I have started using OpenSCAD command a lot and sometimes generate hundreds
of stl files using arguments.  I thought it would be nice to be have a
progress bar when generating a large number of stl's.  This is what I came
up with and this is only tested on Windows 10 using Power Shell, just
thought I would share it, I generate $cmds with PHP.

$cmds = @(
        '-o some_file_1.stl some_scad_file.scad -D arg1=1 - arg2=1 -D arg3=1',
        '-o some_file_2.stl some_scad_file.scad -D arg1=2 - arg2=2 -D arg3=2',
        '-o some_file_3.stl some_scad_file.scad -D arg1=3 - arg2=3 -D arg3=3',
        '-o some_file_4.stl some_scad_file.scad -D arg1=4 - arg2=4 -D arg3=4',
        '-o some_file_5.stl some_scad_file.scad -D arg1=5 - arg2=5 -D arg3=5'

for($C = 0; $C -lt $cmds.Count; $C++ )
{Write-Progress -Activity Updating -Status 'Progress->' -PercentComplete
(($C+1)/$cmds.Count*100) -CurrentOperation OuterLoop; `

        Start-Process -FilePath "" -ArgumentList $cmds[$c] -Wait
-NoNewWindow -RedirectStandardOutput nul


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