My take on a fillets solution in 3D, and a possible feature suggestion.

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My take on a fillets solution in 3D, and a possible feature suggestion.

So, I have been working on a way to apply top and bottom fillets/chamfers to complex solids for about 3 days now. After probably 20 hours, I am finally ready to show it off (Not sure if someone else has done it like this, but I have not seen anyone try this approach).

This module takes slices of the model at even intervals and offsets them by the trig functions of a circle. It produces fillets that when sized to match a 3D print layer height come out great on my 3D printer.

You can see the library and some examples of it in use on thingiverse:

My only grip with it is each layer is flat. I tried and tried to figure out a way to "connect" the layers of the fillet but could never come to a solution. If anyone has any ideas on how to "connect" the layers of the fillet, I would be very grateful.

I was thinking about what could be implemented in OpenSCAD itself to accomplish this, and I came up with the following idea:

Add "offset" to linear_extrude. It would work almost exactly the same way as scale, but instead of scaling, it would use the same "math" as offset. This way I could extrude from layer to layer and offset as I work up. That would allow for perfectly smooth edges and would reduce the number of edges by at least a factor of 2.