Marius Kintel's FOSDEM 2020 talk & Fillets.

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Marius Kintel's FOSDEM 2020 talk & Fillets.

Watching a recording of Marius's FOSDEM talk, I was interested in his
comments about handling of Fillets with OpenSCAD.

Now from what I have seen OpenSCAD users use minkowski request to create
If one tries to use the FreeCAD OpenSCAD workbench with such designs you end
up with a mesh rather than a BREP solid in FreeCAD. A mesh being the same as
in OpenSCAD.

Now I am am experimenting with a modification of the FreeCAD importer to see
if one can handle certain minkowski situations and convert to a FreeCAD

If you are interested to try please see

If I look at the sample file minkowski_B.scad in the post it works okay with
OpenSCAD but if Iook at the radius of
the sphere it is too big for a fillet ( Currently the modified code divides
the radius by 3 ) Please could somebody explain.


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