It seems magenta is not what you think it is...

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It seems magenta is not what you think it is...

Dan Zuras 3D


        Earlier, when I was having a problem with the design of
        some gear teeth, someone observed that the magenta on
        my screen was an indication an incorrectly oriented
        triangle in a polyhedron or a hole in an object.

        Well, I have found that any sufficiently complex object
        can turn magenta on me.

        I have another construction that involves many copies of
        the same (correctly oriented & closed) polyhedron.  There
        are different sizes & orientations but they are all either
        exactly mated or not touching each other.  There is no
        interpenetration involved.  (It is a fractal scaffolding
        of sorts.)

        So long as there are only a few of them on the screen,
        they are all fine.  But put too many of them there & they
        all turn magenta.  Then take away any (not necessarily
        the ones you added) & it all turns yellow again.

        It is possible that this is a function of the convexity
        parameter which is left unspecified.  I have not really
        investigated it in detail.

        But I am fairly sure it would be easy to reproduce.

        Just FYI,