Happy Holidays! SVG diddy (2d)

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Happy Holidays! SVG diddy (2d)

Hello all, it's been awhile, I was recently trying to generate some complex
curves in Gimp, only to realize there is not a good method in built to Gimp.
Happily I have discovered openSCAD has an export to svg. I did a little test
path generated with a for loop, and thought I would share it here. Happy

the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2734060

it's not complicated...

my_points = [for(i=[0:1:3600])
    [(50*cos(i/10)+5*cos(90*i/10)), (50*sin(i/10)+5*sin(90*i/10))]


...although I'm happy to find a method of procedurally generating SVGs(and
another reason to use openSCAD)

Thank You Santa!


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