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Google Season of Docs - Update


I just want to say thanks for everyone showing interest in
the project ideas we listed for Google Season of Docs. There
was some interesting discussions via mail and here too.

So if you have prepared a project application, make sure
it's posted soon. The timeline shows a deadline of June 28,
2019 at 18:00 UTC and Google is very strict in not allowing
anything posted late.

Also note that it was mentioned that it's not acceptable to
just post a link at the Google site. The project application
text must be copied into the forms, no links allowed.

If it's still possible to update the text (I think it is)
then I'd like to ask to please add a quick note that you
have seen the requirements regarding the acceptable license
for the documentation that is going to be written as part
of GSoD. As listed on our Google Season of docs project
ideas page (, the
documentation has to be licensed in a way that it's ok to
change it later, no invariant sections allowed. The simple
option would be one of the CC licenses (CC-BY or CC-BY-SA)
which are considered "Free Cultural Works".

All code snippets *must* be CC0, we want the official
documentation to be usable in any situation. There should
not be any doubt as to whether the code snippets can be
used for something or not.

Sorry for the long text, but I want to make sure there are
no surprises in that regard later. Should it be not possible
to update existing application, we can handle this in the
review phase too.


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