Closing the faces / hole in top and bottom of scad object

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Closing the faces / hole in top and bottom of scad object


How can I create an option to have the top faces be closed or open in an scad object?

I know I can change ID=0 but that causes the length to change. I want the same length and build of the object I just want to create an option to have the top and bottom faces to be open or close.

The scad library file can be found here. Scad File

use <SnapConnectorLibrary.scad>
annularMale(length=10, ID=4.0, OD=4.5, baseRatio=1.35, toothDistanceFromEnd=0, toothMinWallThickness=0.5, tooth="ridge", toothLength=1.5,toothHeight=0.3, baseRelief=true, reliefRadius = 1, ridgeToothRatio = 0.75, toothOut = false);
I also created a stackoverflow question with images.

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