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Beveled Button Enclosures

This is a simple enclosure style that I have found myself using a lot for
different interfaces. I have designed many computer interfaces that are
little more than a plastic box containing some arcade buttons and some
species of controller. For instance, it can become a quick way to launch a
program or send shortcut keys. Many of my designs are used by people who
have low vision or poor dexterity, so large bright buttons are a win.  I
have used this for several projects now so I am throwing it out in case it
helps others.

The heart of this code is two parts. The first part defines the shape of the
enclosure through a set of points. Each point defines a point on the surface
(such as a corner), each point has a screw in the bottom (and a
corresponding hole in the lid). The second part is a definition of height;
by adjusting the height of the front and the rear, the angle of the sloping
front can be controlled. I have created an openSCAD module called onFace, it
makes arranging items on the sloping face (either negative items, such as
holes), or positive items such as glyphs, very easy.


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