Avoid a sharp corner between two objects

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Avoid a sharp corner between two objects

Hi guys;

I am 2 weeks old with OpenSCAD so bear with me if it is an easy one. -

I am wondering how to avoid a sharp corner between two objects in openscad.

sphere (r=0.3, $fn=50);

 cylinder (h=2, r=0.1, center=true, $fn=20);

 cylinder (h=2, r=0.1, center=true, $fn=20);

I would like to avoid the sharp edges between the cylinder and sphere.

In a way I want something like an expanding column.
An example: something similar to this but the cylinder is connected to a
sphere and NOT A PLANE.

I tried a few samples using minkowski() function as well, but the outer
surface of the cylinder looks swollen which is not what i actually want.

Any hint please!!

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