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Andrew's color request...

Dan Zuras 3D

> Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 09:29:04 -0400
> From: Andrew Plumb <[hidden email]>
> Subject: [OpenSCAD] Feature request: Render and Export DXF line
>         color() support and export layer() modifier
> To: [hidden email]
> Message-ID: <[hidden email]>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
> Hi Cliff and Marius,
> When I try the following code:
> translate([-10,0]) color([1,0,0]) circle(r=4);
> color([0,1,0]) circle(r=4);
> translate([10,0]) color([0,0,1]) circle(r=4);
> ...


        I don't know if this is relevant to Andrew's request
        but I was curious so I tried increasing the radii by
        10 so that the circles would overlap thus:

        translate([-10,0]) color([1,0,0]) circle(r=14);
        color([0,1,0]) circle(r=14);
        translate([10,0]) color([0,0,1]) circle(r=14);

        Sure enough, what I got was a mishmash of colors in
        the overlaps.

        I'm not sure what the correct answer should be but
        I'm pretty sure this is not it.

        Just FYI,