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AMF file format?

Stuart Young
The following was posted by Markus Hitter on the Reprap list. Thought it might be worth mentioning here and asking the inevitable questions:

Could Openscad handle this new format (AMF)? What will it take to do? Has someone started on this already?

To quote Markus: "AMF is the modern replacement for the STL file format".
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   Von: Hod Lipson <[hidden email]>
   Datum: 18. Juni 2011 04:03:14 GMT+02:00
   An: "STL 2.0" <[hidden email]>
   Betreff: AMF File approved - Wikipedia entry created
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   Hello all,

   The AMF fomat has been officially approved by ASTM and will be
   published shortly as ASTM F2915.

   I have created a wikipedia entry describing key aspects. Please feel
   free to edit.


Stuart Young (aka Cefiar)